It´s time to see how advanced temporal resolution capabilities are opening new possibilities for true uninterrupted 4D Dynamic micro-CT to characterize events in your sample

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Grasp how dynamic imaging at high temporal resolution provides real-time insights to what is happening INSIDE your sample.  
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Hear from Your Peers
Meet Prof. Martine Wevers and Dr. Jeroen Soete of KU Leuven. They share how Dynamic micro-CT is indispensable for materials engineering and more.
Meet Martine and Jeroen
Hear from a Specialist  
Watch a short seminar on Dynamic micro-CT, highlighting applications across a wide range of engineering and science fields, presented by TESCAN’s Product Marketing Manager Luke Hunter. 
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Never again question the exact moment an event occurs

Seethe difference between 4D time-lapse and true Dynamic micro-CT

Explore our Dynamic Micro-CT systems to see how each combines 4D dynamic with the most sought-after micro-CT capabilities

Now, let’s explore the keys to high temporal resolution